6 Couch Yoga Positions for the Master Relaxer

Few of us can get through a good binge of our favorite TV shows without switching positions at least a few times. And it’s important. This natural phenomenon is supported by the National Chillaxing Academy (not a real thing) as a healthy habit to improve comfort, avoid soreness, and generally elevate your lounging experience.


The I’m-Not-Ironing Board
Depending on your normal physical orientation, it’s often beneficial to elongate the body and neck to avoid EPORS (Extended Periods of Relaxation Stiffness). Due to the low profile of this position, make sure your set-up allows for an unobstructed view of the TV.AmanaCouchIcons_3


The Winged Guru
Legs crossed, arms thrust back over the couch — this orientation not only rocks for relaxation, but stretches the chest and interior leg muscles. You will look both worldly and slightly intimidating.

The Wet Noodle
Get your feet up on the coffee table, ottoman, dog, or recliner. Flop your arms out to the sides and pretend to be the pot of spaghetti you left on the stove too long last week. Even relax your face — and don’t forget to slouch…


The Mummy
Wrap yourself tightly in a blanket and lounge like an Egyptian! This position is designed to make the relaxer feel cozy and centered. It requires zero muscular effort and is thus ideal for falling asleep in front of the TV.


The Gargoyle
Everyone has to get up once in a while. Whether it’s for the bathroom or to check the oven, be prepared to get back to the couch so as not to miss a minute of your favorite show. The Gargoyle keeps you posed to spring back and forth, while also providing a good stretch and looking really neat.


The Snuggler
This is one of a handful of couch yoga positions requiring an accomplice, in the form of a cat or dog. Your actual position won’t actually be up to you, because as we all know, our furry friends will do exactly as they please. Just be prepared to keep petting and keep the rest of your body still.AmanaCouchIcons_8