Laundry Care Symbols Decoded

The Laundry Care Symbols Puzzle: Decoded

Does anyone really know how to do laundry? Let’s face it, we’ve all held a dirty shirt in our hands and squinted at the laundry care symbols on the tag that are so indecipherable they might as well be hieroglyphics. After a few minutes of pointless staring, we throw up our hands in exasperation, toss the shirt on top of the pile in the washer, select the Normal cycle and hope for the best.

Well, now you don’t have to guess. Like a scholar of ancient Egypt, we’re here to translate the hieroglyphics so you can skip the tag analyzing and take optimal care of your clothes. (But let’s be honest, you might still just wash everything on Normal.)

Check out our handy-dandy chart below. And if laundry day really exasperates you, print it out and put it by your washer. Now, cleaning clothes won’t be such a chore. 

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