Clean and Organize Your Home for Spring!

If you’re someone who relishes a time-consuming, deep clean, you’ve come to the wrong place. You won’t find any heavy-duty chores on this list of spring cleaning hacks! We’re all about quick, easy and effective ways to freshen up your entire home for spring — without setting aside an entire day to do so.

To get the house neat and tidy — one hack at a time — read on!


3 minutes to a clean microwave

We don’t always remember to cover our food when we heat it up, and the inside of our microwave is the telltale sign.

Hack: Fill a coffee mug with ½ cup white vinegar and microwave it for 3 minutes. (Be careful when taking it out of the microwave; it will be hot!) Dump the vinegar down the drain, and then take a damp sponge to wipe the microwave clean. Done!


Reuse, upcycle!

It seems like all those half-used bags of frozen fruits and veggies end up spilling in the freezer over time, creating hard-to-contain messes.

Hack: Upcycle your empty plastic water bottles! These containers make excellent grab-n-go storage and provide handy organization for frozen items like peas, blueberries or corn. Done!


Clean? Dirty? No more guessing.

Put an end to the age-old question “are the dishes clean?”

Hack: Make an easy magnet using sticky-backed magnetic tape, a piece of construction paper and a marker. Write “clean” at the top and “dirty” on the bottom. Stick the paper to the magnetic tape and attach it to the the dishwasher. Done!


Keep dryer hoses clear

Everyone knows to clean the lint filter with every load, but do you know how often you should clean your dryer’s hose?

Tip: Keeping your dryer hose clean and clog-free will help it run more efficiently and could even help prevent a fire. Check your manual for directions* and clean it once a year(ish) – and more if you have a big family, lots of loads and are a heavy-duty dryer user.

Does your hose have enough clearance to stay clog-free? Watch this video to find out. You can also request a dryer hose testing kit for your Amana dryer to help determine if your hose needs to be cleared. More instructions on how to use the test kit can be found here.

*Please refer to your specific Amana dryer model’s manual for instructions on proper cleaning of the hose.


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